Stanhope Community Garden Opening

On the 7th of September 2017, the Mayor of Ashford Mr Winston Michael opened the new community garden at the Stanhope Community Hub for Uprising Youth and Community. The Mayor was delighted to be a part of the day saying that he was “honoured and privileged to be a part of the celebration” to support one of his charities for the year “that share the same vision as I do, showing young people that the impossible is entirely possible for them”.

In the spring a parcel of land adjacent to the Stanhope Community Hub had kindly been donated to Uprising Youth and Community by Moat Housing who manage the Stanhope Estate. Over the summer a team from the Stanhope Community Hub with the help of local young people and residents spent time transforming the space into a useable community space. Shrubs were removed, turf was laid, vegetable beds were built, totem poles were created, benches painted and veg was planted, creating a space for everyone to use. This was also made possible by Ashford Police who donated money to the project, so materials could be purchased.

Local residents Kelsey Atkins and Kim Wilkins have appreciated the garden saying “it gives our children a safe space to play in, the opportunity to grow vegetables and gives us a calming place to come and sit in”.